What makes me a creator?

For me, this is the question that matters:

Who makes me a creator?

I create for the stay-at-home dad looking for a soccer league.

I create for the senior activist who

wants to keep up with the movement.

I create for the college student

with vision impairments who

loves to shop online.

There are all users I have spoken with during my time in the MS-HCI program at Georgia Tech.

Over the last semester, I have been exploring the cutting edge of accessible e-commerce for 

a national restaurant chain and creating novel time-saving systems with my team using UX research and evaluation techniques such as user and stakeholder interviews, surveys, usability evaluations, and cognitive walkthroughs. Although these projects are still in progress, the feedback from our user evaluations have shown us that people love what we make when we just listen. (And love is their word— not mine). The trust we build and the excitement that we feel from our users motivates me all the more to craft the best solutions possible.

My background in computer science, combined with my passion and experience with user research, allows me to translate users’ stories into tangible design ideas informed by an understanding of the latest technological advances. In short, I create so that I can solve real problems with data-driven, user-centered technical solutions as part of a multi-disciplinary team. With these skills and my knowledge of user-centered design, I believe that I can help adidas mold the future of sports.


You say you don’t have all the answers yet— They’re inside adidas and they’re inside your users. Let me find them for you. 

© 2020 by Rishma Mendhekar