© 2019 by Rishma Mendhekar

User-centered designer, artist, activist.  


The work on this portfolio is showcases my UX design and research experience, but in my past lives I have also worked with game, web, graphic design, ceramic, and good old-fashioned programming.


Catch me volunteering at Atlanta's humane society, watching Bon Appetit videos (It's Alive, anyone?), or moderating Subtle Asian Cooking.

My name is Rishma and I'm a second-year Human-Computer Interaction graduate student at Georgia Tech seeking entry-level user-centered design positions. At Tech, I'm co-teaching an introductory design thinking course and researching the ethical values behind technology practices. 


I graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in computer science and a minor in studio art in 2018. I also have certification from Conn's Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, and I'm passionate about using technology and participatory design for social justice. To that end, I am working as the lead UX designer for AxisAbility, a startup born out of Georgia Tech, to create an application which connects autistic job seekers with recruiters to find meaningful employment. Check it out at mentra.me.