Inclusive product designer, teacher, advocate

Hiya. My name is Rishma, and I'm a product designer at Corvus Insurance. I love designing for budding startups, advocating for inclusivity, and nerding out about motion design.

Inclusive design

As an inclusive designer, I take an accessibility-first approach to design. This means that from the beginning of the design process, I'm considering the diversity of human abilities, contexts of use, and modes of understanding. Had trouble reading your laptop screen on a sunny day? Struggled to send a text with one hand while carrying a package in the other? Both inclusive design problems.


On a larger scale, I work towards creating products that necessitate intersectional inclusion on a foundational level.

At Georgia Tech, I co-taught an introductory inclusive design course with a focus on human abilities and researched ethical values behind technology creation practices. Learn more about inclusive design on this HC-Hive podcast episode where Dr. Carrie Bruce and I discuss the importance of accessibility and universal design. 

The basics

Went from San Francisco to Atlanta and now in Boston. I graduated from Connecticut College with a BA in computer science and a minor in studio art in 2018. I also have certification from Conn's Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. I came to Georgia Tech in 2018 to pursue my M.S. in Human Computer Interaction once I realized that I didn't want to code all day. 

Food, tattoos, everything else

When I'm not designing, I'm usually cooking. Or hiding my cooking from my cat.

When I'm not thinking about food, I'm scheming about my next tattoo or doing pilates.

To get in touch,

reach out to me at, or add me on LinkedIn.